You can choose to conduct online drone training with some CAA Registered Assessment Entities (RAE) or choose the GOLDEN option of attending a one day course where you will receive quality instruction, interaction and practical exercises so that you go away fully informed, confident and safe. The choice is yours and there is very little in price difference. 
At UAV8 Ltd we prefer the live classroom way of learning and have had many on our courses that began with on line training only to feel confused. They eventually came to use and learnt in the class room. 
Of course both options are there and everyone is different - ultimatly we all have a choice. 
The average online training course for the A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 COC) seems to be around £175 +VAT (a good price). For this you will generally complete the course on your own; great for lockdown but as restrictions are lifted why not get out of the house? The live class room based course with UAV8 Ltd cost just £240 +VAT and for that you get a full days training with some of the highest qualified flying instructors in the UK. They have over 5 years of providing drone training in the UK and are one of the laeding providers. With our incredible, unmatched miltiary flying experience in the low level environment we will bring all the subjects to life making it easier for you to understand. Unlike online training, being in a classroom is much better for learning as you will be involved with practical planning excercises and will have direct interaction with the instructors and other candidates. 
You dont even have to cook your own lunch! Unlike on-line training we provide an excellent lunch and ample refreshments are available all day. Even after the end of the course UAV8 Ltd are there for you when ever you want them as you will join our network. 
So it's your choice but for a samll amount extra why do all the work yourself? Enjoy a day in Ipswich and train with confidence and fun with UAV8 Ltd  
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