TESTIMONIALS - What do our customers say about us?  

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 UAV8 are highly professional and…  

"UAV8 are highly professional and deliver exactly what they claim to. Their UAV pilot training for CAA commercial certification is intensive but effective. Happily, as well as being effective instructors, the trainers also have a fund of anecdotes which keep participants "engaged". It certainly does not harm that they are all highly experienced military helicopter aircrew/instructors/engineers who have spent their entire careers engaged with the "lower" airspace in which drones operate." 

 UAV8 are at the top of their game, the best!  

"Having just completed this course yesterday, I can honestly say that it was absolutely fantastic and included everything (and I mean everything!) that you would need to prepare for and submit your PfCO application. 
The support and passion from the whole UAV8 team was superb, the structure and pace of the training was spot-on, they took great care to put you at ease through the course in terms of any nerves or areas of the training that may have worried you and the atmosphere in the training room was buzzing with excitement and interest. 
You really are fully supported through the whole process, the materials and facilities were great and by putting in a little extra effort in the evenings over the weekend, I have already completed and submitted the necessary documents for my CAA PfCO application! 
These guys really know their stuff and with the banter and the stories they have from both military and non-military flying careers you know you are in safe hands! 
Dont choose anyone else!" 

 I can only recommend anyone who is…  

"I can only recommend anyone who is planning to get the PFCO certification should refrain the course from the experts at UAV8 LTD. 
The 2-day lesson is a very impressive example of how complex and important information can be taught and the student is highly motivated to prepare for the exam !" 

 Highly Recommended!  

"I’m so happy to have chosen UAV8 to take my test. I had to travel a bit to get there from London, but it was 100% worth it. The guys at UAV8 were so supportive and professional, and they are at the top of their profession. The whole thing was like a weekend away with friends. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a PFCO licence. As soon as I passed, I was presented with employment opportunities within the industry! Great experience!" 

 Brilliant, no other words describe this course.  

"Squeezing a full on 3 day course into a weekend would usually be long and very boring, but these guys have it nailed. Its no surprise they have a 100% pass mark. As ex forces myself if only for a short time, I expected this course to be run with on the dot timings, and I wasn't disappointed. Efficient, to the point and included more then needed to know, as well as ongoing support afterwards. Very impressed from the moment I walked in and will definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a PFCO, even if it means travelling. If I could have one number in my phonebook that will answer all the questions I will ever have about this industry, it is these guys. Thank you UAV8, spot on." 

 Excellent course!  

"Excellent course! One of the best I’ve been to in my life so far. I was a bit sceptical as it was the cheapest and the shortest one on the market but it turned up to be a very professional and well organised. Run by a passionate and experienced team – those guys know what they are talking about. 
The course was very intense. All knowledge was delivered in condensed form – 2 long days and a lot of things to digest but it was structured in a way that it was interesting all the time. I really enjoyed the fact that all legal stuff has been mixed with real-life scenarios and examples. 
The technical side of the course was also very good - interesting presentations from multiple devices on big screens where everything was working. Comfortable classroom with aircon and enough tea/coffee to keep you focused. Thanks guys! 

 I chose UAV8 for my PFCO back in 2016…  

"I chose UAV8 for my PFCO back in 2016 and I can say i would recommend the UAV8 course to anyone looking to get there PFCO , The knowledge of the UAV8 team is second to none , How the guys fit so much information in to a two day course I don't know but it works , and even if you have not been in the class room for a lot of years the exam is not a daunting prospect because of the teaching and information given on the two day course . and I am please to say I am now part of the UAV8 team and look forward to training you soon." 

 UAV8 the best flight education for drone pilots.  

"Baz, Nick and Mark at UAV8 have provided an excellent education and support from ground school, to flight test to preparation of Ops Manual and even assisted in renewal of my Pfco application a year later. They are incredibly thorough, quick to respond and I can't credit them enough. 
UAV8 came recommended in the first place to me from Buzzflyer, where I purchased my inspire 2 and I continue to recommend them to anyone keen to qualify as a drone pilot." 

 Top of their class.  

"Wow alot to learn but these guys knew how to get all of the information across. Very supportive throughout the course and after. 5 stars just isn’t enough." 

 This is an absolutely brilliant course.  

"This is an absolutely brilliant course. It was very intense as there is a lot to get through, but I don't think I've ever learnt so much in two days. The instructors are really informative and helped if you were struggling to understand some of the technical stuff. If you want to not only pass your PfCO but also acquire the knowledge to be a responsible and professional drone pilot then these are the guys to book in with." 

 As a graduate of Euro-USC ground school.  

"As a graduate of Euro-USC ground school in 2015 (now gone bust), I leaned about UAV8 from my colleague Ian Pope. Euro-USC wanted an additional sum for a) flight school and b) Ops manual - on top of the £1500 (ish) paid just for the two day ground school and exam. I would have parted with almost £2k in fees !.... 
Subsequently, I did my flight school with UAV8 - and immediately clocked on to the fact that they were straight down the line / honest and transparent with their training regime. 
12 months later, I was asked to join the UAV8 team as a 'flight line trainer / assessor' - so I know what goes on behind the scenes at both the ground school and on the flight line - and it's all for one low cost - including Ops Manuals ! I wish I had known about UAV8 when I first started out. 
I've been asked many times how UAV8 can guarantee a 'pass'. 
It's very simple - the training input is varied and is delivered in a number of styles to suit all learning requirements - and the flight line training / assessing works the same way. The 'team' put the effort in, and the student reaps the benefits! There's a good reason why the courses put on by UAV8 fill up so quickly....." 
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