The news is again covered in stories of drones causing chaos at airports but amongst the media hype there is a chance that all drone pilots face being tarred with the same brush or irresponsible and unsafe... The truth of course is that most people in the country are law abiding and drone pilots having invested in a huge amount for their drone are generally responsible and careful (I say generally!). Some people will make mistakes and some will break the law intentionally and there needs to be a mechanism to reduce both. 
UAV8 Ltd support the argument for formal training and registration. The registartion is being dealt with and is expected around November this year. In terms of training we believe that the current 'obligation' for drone users to watch or read the Drone Code is not adequate enough and is not robust. We would suggest a short course that covers the following subjects - Air law, Air Sapce, Air Safety and Risk Assessment. We beleieve if all drone pilots received formal training by the CAA or the NQEs situated throughout the country that this would improve the knowledge of all drone pilots, reduce the risk significantly and reduce the excuses for those that are not so law abiding when the Police finally come knocking! 
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